Hiro Protagonist

Drow Rogue - Wanderer, lover, philanthropist.


Hiro is a Drow Rogue, specializing as an assassin.

Skills Include:

  • Superior Darkvision – 120’ of sight in the dark. No colours are visible.
  • Thieve’s Cant – The ability to communicate with other theives in an obfuscated manner.
  • Sneak Attack – When flanking, roll an extra d8.
  • Cunning Action – Rogue’s take a bonus action.
  • Dual-Wield – Two weapons!

Hiro left the Underdark in his youth after he refused to obey an order to slaughter his brother for the offence of saving another “weaker” drow’s life. He has since been wandering, learning the skills required to work as an assassin and thief in the town of Mirin. His hobbies include playing the harmonica, watching comedy shows, and bunnies. Just bunnies.

Hiro Protagonist

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