Wyndon Reeds

human druid


Circle of the Moon Druid
speed 30’

A repository of knowledge of the natural world and arcana, Wyndon would spend an entire day reading to gain more knowledge he may never use. He does enjoy literally unleashing his inner beast and has grown to enjoy the conflict he shied away from as a child.

cantrips: Druidcraft, Thornwhip, Produce Flame
l1 spells: Healing Word, Speak w/ Animals,


Born Ivor of Red Field, Wyndon was forced out of house, field and title at age 11 by his older siblings. The runt, he excelled at reading and negotiating his way out of trouble with their father. The day he finally crossed out of the family grounds, he fell into a ravine while lost in thought and wonder at the wideness of the world beyond his family’s lands.
He was found days later by an Elder Druid and healed to semblence of life. Ivor vowed to serve the Druid to the best of his abilities, meager though they were compared to this Druid. He learned everything he could while traveling as the apprentice. The world, the flora and fauna of the wilds, anything and everything the Druid would speak to him about. At 18, the Elder Druid sent him alone on his first spirit quest: he returned to be named Wyndon Reeds, the sign of his return to the Druid’s side. Unsure of his new place, Wyndon continued to follow the Druid until he was directed to find his own path through the world.
Now a lone, young Druid, Wyndon lacks the typical charisma of the old Druids. He is not a leader, nor a follower, he failed life under the hermit code and is trying to assimilate into any society that will have him. His wealth of knowledge is typically lost to those around as he is usually lost deep in thought. He seeks a stronger connection to the Old Gods and a strong desire to expand his knowledge of Druidry. He has nearly forgotten the hatred of his siblings, but not the love of his father.

Wyndon Reeds

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