After travelling from all over the world, or heroes have come to the city to Marion, a city of high adventure and mystery. Unfortunately with no real experience the only work our adventures can get is a caravan guard.
The caravan heads out in the “white waste” a vast desert that surrounds Marion to the dwarvern city of Stonekeep. The trip was rather uneventful (unfortunately for you). The caravan then moved on heading out through a mountain pass to the distance city of Sunsea. On the second day disaster struck, the caravan is attacked by a herd of Stone Giants and your wagon is knocked off a steep cliff.
Waking up in a deep ravine you go through whats left of your wagon and recover your weapons and armor along with some rope, a few torches, two healing potions, but no food.
Wandering about in the wilderness for days you see something…………….

The Lost City

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